There are big advantages to modular building – that keep getting bigger

By Brian Schieler

The construction world today is divided between two methods of building: traditional and modular. While both have their advantages the future of modern construction will be based only on one: modular. And at Homeway Commercial we’re at the forefront.

Modular vs. Traditional – which is the more cost-effective way to build?

By Bob Schieler

It’s an ongoing debate in the construction industry – is modular construction actually more cost-effective than traditional construction? The answer is yes – if you are working with the right modular builder for your project. Every construction project is different, but at Homeway Commercial, our approach to modular building can be adapted to fit almost any commercial project.

Our president speaks at the Midwest Construction Conference

By Homeway Commercial

Highlighting what makes modular a better way to build, Homeway Commercial President and Founder, Brian Schieler, was a featured speaker at the Midwest Construction Double-header Conference held in Chicago on September 8, 2002.

Why modular construction is getting national attention

By Homeway Commercial

ABC 7 Denver talks to Homeway Commercial, the largest manufacturer of modular commercial buildings in Illinois, about the current national state of modular building and it's future. Contact us to see how working with Homeway can result in lower costs, greater quality, and getting your project done on time.

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