Not every project is perfect for volumetric – but that’s changing

By Bob Schieler

When it comes to volumetric building, at Homeway we can practically build any type of structure – and yet not every project is ideal for the volumetric approach. However, that’s changing. As our approach to modular grows and evolves more and more projects are becoming a perfect fit, even hybrid construction projects that can benefit from a blend of traditional and volumetric construction.

For volumetric building, it’s farther than you think

By Bob Schieler

When considering whether to build volumetrically, traditional thinking says that a project needs to be within less than 500 miles away from the modular building facility to be economically feasible. While that’s true for most volumetric builders, that’s not the case for us. At Homeway, we have projects almost 1,000 miles away from our Deer Creek building facility in Illinois.

We’ll take you right into our factory – virtually!

By Bob Schieler

At Homeway, our approach to volumetric building gives you many advantages for almost any commercial project – and you can get an in-depth look at those advantages for yourself even if you can’t make it to our Deer Creek facility with a virtual tour with Bob Schieler, Vice President of Sales.

The future of modular: Fully integrated design & multifamily housing

By Bob Schieler

The explosive growth of modular building practices is not only a United States occurrence, but it’s also a worldwide phenomenon. In many countries, modular is a better answer than traditional construction, especially for multifamily housing. It’s very much where the future of construction lies – and that’s because of the differentiating factors versus traditional construction.

Five stories high & rising: Why building up is better than building out

By Bob Schieler

It’s well known that most podium buildings are typically 4-over-1, meaning they can only have four stories of wood over a concrete/steel podium or crawlspace. But what you might not know is that our approach to volumetric modular construction allows for one additional floor, or 5-over-1. And when you build up, you can save more (and make more) than when you build out.

What can ruin a modular project? The answers might surprise you

By Bob Schieler

When it comes to traditional building processes there are many variables that can have a negative impact on a construction project. Excessive customization, weather delays, and restrictive site logistics are some examples. While modular building eliminates many of these variables, there are still some situations where a modular project could fail as well – but the reasons why might surprise you.

There are big advantages to modular building – that keep getting bigger

By Brian Schieler

The construction world today is divided between two methods of building: traditional and modular. While both have their advantages the future of modern construction will be based only on one: modular. And at Homeway Commercial we’re at the forefront.

Modular vs. Traditional – which is the more cost-effective way to build?

By Bob Schieler

It’s an ongoing debate in the construction industry – is modular construction actually more cost-effective than traditional construction? The answer is yes – if you are working with the right modular builder for your project. Every construction project is different, but at Homeway Commercial, our approach to modular building can be adapted to fit almost any commercial project.

A residential modular factory turns to commercial projects

By OffSite Dirt

Brian and Bob Schieler speak to about their big move into 5 story modular construction. After almost 18 years of building single family wood-frame custom and semi-custom modular homes, they have now shifted their focus to large multi-family, apartments, hotels and housing development construction projects and expanded their reach to serve the entire USA.

Our president speaks at the Midwest Construction Conference

By Homeway Commercial

Highlighting what makes modular a better way to build, Homeway Commercial President and Founder, Brian Schieler, was a featured speaker at the Midwest Construction Double-header Conference held in Chicago on September 8, 2002.

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