Homeway Commercial is the largest manufacturer of modular commercial buildings in Illinois.

We have all heard the phrase “time is money.” At Homeway Commercial if we save time, we save money. We make this a reality. All the efficient aspects of modular commercial construction save time and money and result in very competitive pricing.

The modular method of construction is all about quality and time. Be assured we will never take short cuts on quality, but we have developed systems, tooling and jigs that gives us automatic quality and save us an enormous amount of time. If we can save time we can save money, if we save money we can then pass that along to our clients. We also buy our products in volume and have a quick turnover of inventory that lower our costs as well.

Another cost saving advantage of the Homeway Commercial system is that all details of the project, including construction plans, specifications, and amenities are all finalized and approved before construction starts. This results in no cost overruns because all pricing is locked in when an order is placed.

If a project is required to pay prevailing wage for on-site work, our clients can greatly lower their costs. By using Homeway Commercial, prevailing wages do not have to be paid for labor done off site. This is a major competitive advantage to our clients who have prevailing wage projects. This means our clients will save a huge amount of money and yet get a better constructed building. 

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