Homeway Commercial is the largest manufacturer of modular commercial buildings in Illinois.

In today’s market, our clients want to CAPITALIZE on the value of their finished product. They really do want the most value for their hard earned dollar. Homeway Commercial takes pride in the quality of materials we use in each structure we build, from the components inside the walls, under the floors, to those that are visible, such as windows, flooring, plumbing fixtures and the like. We don’t cut corners; it’s that simple.

At Homeway Commercial we believe our clients can capitalize on the two main areas of value: quality materials and quality workmanship. Let’s face it, most components of a building that people notice are on the surface or what people see. This is a very important aspect of what our clients are looking for and we take it to heart but we also place equal importance on the quality materials of what people don’t see.

That’s why at Homeway Commercial we provide our clients with quality products that are not just pretty on the outside but are built to last, such as Open Joist 2000® floor joists. They are manufactured so we are assured that every one of them are straight and strong.  We also use brand name products such as Moen, Certainteed, Panasonic and Schlage locks to name a few. We also believe that high quality commercial buildings shouldn’t have to cost more, that’s why we purchase materials at volume prices and pass the savings on to our clients. We also understand that every client wants their building to be energy efficient, require little maintenance and perform well year after year. You can be assured that we go to great lengths to provide our clients with unsurpassed quality at competitive prices. This equals value and value is something you can CAPITALIZE on!

Homeway Commercial recognized in the beginning that we could improve the energy efficiency of each structure we build by developing a better quality insulation system. One of the hallmarks of our buildings Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation system.

Our Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation is the only insulation we use in our buildings. We use Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation because of its superior insulating value, strength and sound deadening qualities. Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation is an environmentally friendly, dense, 2 lb. closed cell foam insulation that is sprayed into your wall stud and ceiling spaces at our Construction Facility. Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation has the highest R-value per inch available and has twice the R-value per inch when compared to regular fiberglass and cellulose insulation. We completely envelope the walls and ceilings in energy saving spray foam. This totally seals off and eliminates all air and water from coming in the gaps and cracks of the building saving money on energy bills and improving the air quality.

Think about it, they insulate freezers and hot tubs with foam don’t they? The answer is yes, and the reason is because of its superior insulating qualities.

The Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation system also offers an added structural component to the building, providing superior strength. In fact it provides twice the racking strength to a wall than regular insulation can. Tests have proven it took 10,458 pounds of pressure to rack a wall out of square.  It’s so strong you can walk on the ceilings and not fall through. With this added rigidity, there will be less wall movement, drywall cracking and damage due to shaking and vibrations. Additionally, our buildings are quieter from outside disturbances.

The Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation system is definitely something that will pay back the owners of the building year after year.  We believe the “Saving Energy” and “Green Building” awareness of our clients are here to stay. With our Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation system you will feel good about saving money on energy and being environmental friendly at the same time.

Quality is a result of doing the job right the first time. Our construction process is built around an intense quality control system. Our team of quality control personnel assures code compliancy and quality workmanship with a long checklist of items that need to be inspected before the module is allowed to move to the next build station. You can be assured that many eyes will be on every aspect of the building before it ever leaves our Construction Facility. This assures unmatched quality. 

We Only Use High Quality Materials

We Only Use High Quality Materials

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