A residential modular factory turns to commercial projects

By OffSite Dirt

Brian and Bob Schieler speak to OffSiteDirt.com about their big move into 5 story modular construction. After almost 18 years of building single family wood-frame custom and semi-custom modular homes, they have now shifted their focus to large multi-family, apartments, hotels and housing development construction projects and expanded their reach to serve the entire USA.

They present several examples of successful projects, from student housing to senior apartment projects. This company is in Deer Creek, which is centrally located in Illinois. Their location allows for multiple state projects with their design build modules expanding to a 16' x 72' modules / modular box.

They have the capacity to produce 10 modules a week and using LEAN manufacturing principles to insure saving wastes in all processes.

Brian and Bob discuss what's possible and how they are expanding their business. Volumetric modular construction is obtaining higher demand, not only in Illinois but around the country. This insider conversation will give you ideas of the type of construction Homeway Commercial is able to build in their Illinois factory.

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