Our clients are using commercial modular building to their advantage. Whether your project is large or small, single story or four story, Homeway Commercial can achieve your goals. No matter what type of commercial project you are building, with modular construction you can control many factors that you simply can’t with conventional projects built on-site.




High Quality

We purchase only high quality materials and our workforce is trained specifically for the build station they are assigned to so they have the experience to get the job done right the first time.


Applied Technology

Our Construction Facility is state-of-the-art and was designed and built specifically for our use as a modular Construction Facility. Our CAD software and custom made jigs allows us to build efficiently and cost effectively. This results in substantial saving in construction time, costs, and faster occupancy compared to conventional construction.


Reduced Construction Time

Total construction time is reduced by 40%. While the infrastructure and foundations are being built on-site, the structure is being built in the Construction Facility shaving months and months off the construction schedule when compared to conventional construction.


Reduction in Construction Impacts

Shorter on-site construction time means less disruption to the area regarding traffic, road and property damage, as well as dust, air, odor, and noise pollution.


Reduction in On-Site Waste Disposal

The amount of on-site waste disposal dumpsters is reduced by approximately 50%.


On-Site Use of Subcontractors is Greatly Reduced

The fact that 95% of the module is completed at the Construction Facility means that on-site subcontractor scheduling and their cost is greatly reduced.


No Weather Delays

The modules stay on schedule since they are built indoors in a comfortable controlled environment.


Improved Workmanship & Efficiency

Climate control allows workers to concentrate on the job and not be distracted or slowed down by poor weather conditions.


No Water Damage to Materials

Since the modular units are built indoors and shrink wrapped prior to delivery, they remain protected from the outside elements.


In-House Quality Control

The Construction Facility has quality control inspectors that check every build station on a regular basis.


Independent 3rd Party Inspectors

An accredited and independent inspection service inspects and certifies all aspects of the building process including structural, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. Their certification is then sent to the local building inspector.


State Approved Modular Plans

Commercial building floor plans are submitted to the state agency for approval prior to start of construction.


Reduced Labor Costs

Prevailing wages are not required to be charged for work done inside the Construction Facility.


Organized Labor Friendly

Homeway Commercial will work alongside labor unions to assemble the modules on-site or we can provide “Hands Off Training” for a 100% union work force.


Reduced Interest Costs

Because the construction time of a Homeway Commercial building is reduced by 40% this results in the construction loan time period being reduced as well.


No Cost Over-Runs

All options, upgrades, and details are decided and approved by the owner prior to start of construction so there are no change order charges to disturb the budget.


Reduced Exposure to Vandalism

The fact that the modules are delivered to the job site nearly complete means that materials typically laying loose on the job site are already in place and secure thus vandalism issues are greatly reduced.


Safer Construction

The fact that up to 95% of a modular building is built in our Construction Facility, the exposure to on-site safety issues and concerns are greatly reduced.


Energy Efficient

Our standard use of Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation in walls and ceilings mean a tighter and more energy-efficient envelope. We use foam gaskets at mate-lines and between floor and ceiling assemblies. These practices eliminate air and water infiltration and reduce sound transmission.


Quiet Building

Our multi story modules provide super quiet separation between floors and walls of adjoining units. This is because each of the modules has its own floor and ceiling assemblies as well as double-wall construction between them.


Sustainable, Green Construction

Modular construction by the nature of its methods is a very green way to build. Our Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation system saves heating and cooling energy. Most lumber components are purchased precut from the manufacturer thus eliminating waste. Homeway Commercial also has a recycling program to promote an environmentally friendly modular building process.


Safer Building

Modular buildings are engineered to be stronger and more durable than conventional constructed buildings. Modular construction offers the ability to better withstand tornadoes and high winds than conventional construction. Studies have shown that modular constructed buildings fared best in hurricane winds than did conventional constructed buildings.


Longer Lasting

Our modular commercial construction buildings are made to last longer because of how we build. Modular construction offers quality materials, maintenance free products, all with better construction methods. This assures that the building will stand the test of time.


Better Value

Commercial modular buildings hold their value just like other conventional constructed buildings. The difference is that with our high quality materials, quality workmanship, and our Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation our building is better valued overall.




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