There are big advantages to modular building – that keep getting bigger

By Brian Schieler

The construction world today is divided between two methods of building: traditional and modular. While both have their advantages the future of modern construction will be based only on one: modular. And at Homeway Commercial we’re at the forefront.

As we move into a world where cost per square foot and environmental impact are top priorities in some instances and urgent priorities in others, only modular building answers the call. For nearly two decades, we have been refining the modular process to bring bigger advantages to commercial clients.

There are a lot of factors that make modular a better choice for most commercial construction projects, even if they are hybrid projects. Because of the way we build, our clients’ projects are completed 40% quicker, which means bringing in revenue sooner and greater cost savings even on loan interest.”

In bigger cities, the benefits of modular are, well, bigger. That’s because of factors that don’t always come into play in smaller locales. For example, building costs per square foot in locations like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City are much, much higher. The speed and reliability of modular building in these types of locations are critical to remaining profitable.

“Time savings means money savings in larger cities primarily because construction costs aren’t carried as long,” said Josh McShanog, Business Development specialist at T&M Construction Group, based in Conroe, TX.

While modular is king at Homeway, there is tremendous opportunities for hybrid building – part traditional, part modular – in any city where large hotels are in demand. And this is the case for almost any style of hotel – even the most high-end, custom-designed hotel have repeatability needs when you get above the first floor. Which makes our approach to building a perfect solution.

On these bigger hotel projects, a hybrid system makes perfect sense because of the repeatability. Tower hotel rooms are a good fit because while they’re doing the first floor (with traditional construction), you can be building all of the other floors (with modular construction). You get the benefits of both.

Modular provides big advantages outside of the big cities too, especially in areas of the country that are more remote or where there is a dearth of skilled labor. Because modular building happens in a more controlled work environment workers can be trained quicker with proven methods, along with automated building system, and where weather isn’t a factor.

Framing doesn’t stop because of a rainstorm; work doesn’t stop because of winter conditions. The foundation can be started while building the 3rd story at the same time. And it’s much safer because we’re building that 3rd story on the floor in our factory.

There are misconceptions about modular building being “cookie cutter” and not ideal for custom building, but that’s not completely true. Our approach, while focused on repeatability in construction, can accommodate custom architectural designs – but within reason.

While architectural drawings are important, with modular it’s not something that you need to spend a lot of extra time and money on to make it be a modular plan. You can do custom work, plus take advantage of modular building.

For commercial building, whether in a big city or a remote region, the benefits of modular building keep getting bigger and bigger. From safety of construction to reliability of deadlines, our modular approach delivers in a way traditional construction can’t. And when it comes to environmental concerns and overall costs, we have already taken the lead.

In the end, you’ll save money on time, which saves money on costs. You get higher quality and safety because of the factory setting. All in all, you’re really getting a better product and a better return on investment with modular.

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