Our clients are construction industry professionals that find modular commercial construction an asset to their projects. These include general contractors, architects, investors, and developers.


General contractors, architects, investors, real estate developers and entrepreneurs can all save time and money with Homeway Commercial modular construction



General Contractors

Contractors benefit from our speed and quality. You can be sure your deadlines will be met with no overages or weather delays.



Modular building gives architects lots of tools and options when you are developing the plans for commercial construction projects. And you can be sure there’s quality going into your designs.


Investors & Developers

The Homeway Commercial approach to modular building helps you as an investor or developer get more value out of your investment. Lower costs, faster build times and quality features increase the lifespan of your project as well.



Entrepreneurs are also a part of our clientele. If you have a project to build but do not have the commercial construction expertise to complete the task, Homeway Commercial will direct you to a construction company that will best fit your needs.




Let's Talk!

I'd like to show you how working with Homeway Commercial can save you time and money on your next project.

Bob Schieler
Vice President of Sales | Principal

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Deer Creek, IL 61733

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Bob Schieler - Regional Sales Manager, Homeway Commercial
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