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As a family business for over 50 years, Homeway Commercial understands construction from concept to completion. Since building our own modular Construction Facility in 2005, we have completed over 3,000 modular units and have an in-depth knowledge of commercial modular construction. We would love to talk about how we can help you with your next project!


Homeway Commercial Construction Facility


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From Illinois to Colorado

Join us on an extraordinary journey from Deer Creek, IL to Boulder, CO, as we bring to life the newest Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hotel through the innovative world of modular construction.



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Our indoor construction facility is key to quality, speed and efficiency of modular building. We utilize specialized systems, automation, jigs, smart building technologies and lean manufacturing, and benefit from not having to worry about the weather. Overall there are 16 building stations that include everything from floor and walls to drywall and trimout. Once you see the process for yourself, you’ll understand why modular is the better way to build.


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How Far Is Too Far?

When considering whether to build volumetrically, traditional thinking says that a project needs to be within less than 500 miles away from the modular building facility to be economically feasible. While that’s true for most volumetric builders, that’s not the case for us. LEARN MORE


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Stay up to date on Volumetric Modular Building trends, reports, cost savings and processes.




Why Modular Is Better


Modular building is a smarter way to build and a better investment that saves you money every step of the way. We’ve completely structured our building process around speed and efficiency without sacrificing high quality materials or workmanship. Homeway Commercial can build your next modular commercial building on time and on budget.





Proud Member of the Modular Building Institute


Proud Member - Modular Building Institute

We are a proud member of the Modular Building Institute, an international non-profit trade association that provides modular construction businesses with industry education and support, industry reports and research, ideas about new innovative practices, networking opportunities, benefits and discounts, and much more.


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Bob Schieler
Vice President of Sales | Principal

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Bob Schieler - Regional Sales Manager, Homeway Commercial
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