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By Bob Schieler

At Homeway, our approach to volumetric building gives you many advantages for almost any commercial project – and you can get an in-depth look at those advantages for yourself even if you can’t make it to our Deer Creek facility with a virtual tour with Bob Schieler, Vice President of Sales.

On your tour – which can be taken virtually or via live Facetime call – you’ll get a detailed and personalized look at what makes the Homeway approach special, unique, and the right solution for your next project.

“The virtual and Facetime tours are a great way to explore our facility if you can’t make it here in person,” said Bob Schieler. “I’ll literally walk through the factory and show you every step of the process. You can ask questions and really get into the details of the building process to understand how it’s different from other builders.”

Overall, there are 16 building stations that include everything from floor and walls to drywall and trimout. You’ll get a tour of each substation and learn how the floor, wall, and ceiling systems are built. You’ll also see how Homeway meets STC ratings and fire codes, along with some of the more unique aspects of the factory.

For example, Homeway is one of the only modular manufacturers that has a plumbing and electrical pit in the factory. This allows plumbing and electrical work to go on at the same time as the rest of the construction process. Because our plumbers and electricians have an easy to access workspace under the modules while on the line the workmanship is better. This unique feature of our factory, is just another reason that saves time and guarantees greater overall quality.

Also, you’ll see how all stairwells, elevator shafts, and stair towers are built in specific substations in the factory instead of on site. This also saves time on the site, improves structural quality, and eliminates the possibility of water intrusion, which is an enemy to all outdoor construction projects.

You’ll learn how Homeway ensures each component is structurally sound through the use of shear walls that resist shear forces, like heavy winds and seismic activity. At the end, you’ll get to see a completed unit and what it looks like when it’s wrapped and ready to ship to the site for installation.

With a tour of the factory – from your phone, tablet, or computer – you will gain an in-depth knowledge of how Homeway differentiates itself from other modular builders – and how it can help make your next commercial project a financial success. Once you see the process for yourself, you’re sure to understand why Homeway is the better way to build. Contact Bob and schedule your tour today.


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