What can ruin a modular project? The answers might surprise you

By Bob Schieler

When it comes to traditional building processes there are many variables that can have a negative impact on a construction project. Excessive customization, weather delays, and restrictive site logistics are some examples. While modular building eliminates many of these variables, there are still some situations where a modular project could fail as well – but the reasons why might surprise you.

When you are considering a modular development, you need to have a team that understands modular as well. It comes down to making sure you assemble the right group of architects, contractors, and subcontractors.

It’s important that clients understand the entire scope of work before work begins. That’s why Homeway creates a Responsibility Matrix for each project, showing who is responsible for every aspect of the project.

This goes back ultimately to the first step: the design. When an architect fully understands the benefits and limitations of modular building, that can save you money down the road.

If you have too many customized aspects of a design, that raises cost, and you lose the benefit of time savings. Repeatability rules in modular design. Also, the more ‘unstandard’ the design, the more unfriendly it is to the modular process. But remember, not all parts of a building have to be modular. The first floor of a project could be built on-site and as custom as you want, then let the above floors be modular.

So how can a developer overcome these challenges? Homeway makes it simple. Just ask us and we can make recommendations with our network of modular professionals – architects, contractors, and subs – that can make the process a lot less expensive.

There’s also making sure there’s a complete understanding of the modular process – and that can be accomplished with a Homeway factory tour.

Our virtual factory tour is a great way to introduce your team to the Homeway approach to modular building right from their desk in their office. And if they’re still skeptical at the beginning, that usually changes once they visit the Homeway factory in person.

We go to great lengths to help our clients understand the entire process, every step of the way. That way we can make sure we give them the best modular construction experience and ensure their project is a complete success.

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