Homeway Commercial is the largest manufacturer of modular commercial buildings in Illinois.

With modular construction, we not only build better we build faster. Our modular buildings are constructed inside of our state-of-the-art Construction Facility in Deer Creek, Illinois. The construction time inside the Construction Facility typically takes 12-15 days. This climate controlled environment eliminates the inherent and negative issues of moisture on lumber and delays because of weather and material delivery. There are also no delays by subcontractors, as is common with on-site construction, because everyone working on the modular building are our employees. This enables our employees, some of the best in the business, to carefully and continuously build each module, ensuring top quality construction at a production pace. At our Construction Facility we literally have construction being done on the top, bottom, inside and outside of the modules throughout our production line. You can see how this makes for a very efficient construction process.

But that just describes the speed of construction inside our Construction Facility. On site however there is still more time saving advantages to be had because while the modular building is being completed inside our Construction Facility, the foundation and other site work is simultaneously being completed on the job site.  This means the total construction time is reduced by up to 40%. There is also time savings for on-site project management dealing with subcontractors since the building is already 95% complete when it gets to the job site. This means there is less time spent with subcontractors and change orders thus accelerating the construction schedule. 

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Corporate Headquarters : Construction Facility

Factory Exterior Composite

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