No matter the client or the size of the project, a team effort is essential for its success. Homeway Commercial has the experience to develop and coordinate the team of building contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers to get the project done right, on time, and on budget.


From planning to completion of your commercial building, Homeway Commercial will guide you through every step of the modular building process.



Sales & Budgeting

One of our sales representatives will be glad to talk to anyone who has a building project they want to do. If a client has a concept plan on paper or even one in mind, our sales representative will inquire the needs, function and desired aesthetics of the building. The sales representative will also request a budget by which to develop a concept plan from and a timeline for desired completion.



Our sales representative will then at the direction of the client instruct our design and engineering professionals to develop a concept plan. We provide our clients with a scalable floorplans and elevation plans for their review. We will work until the plan is exactly what our client has in mind.


Estimating & Pricing

Once our sales representative has the approval of the concept plans from the client he can give a “ballpark estimate” to see if this is in the range of the client’s budget. If this works then the sales representative will inquire what kind of amenities go into the building. Items such as exterior finishes, cabinetry, floor covering, type of windows and interior doors etc. Once he knows these specifications he has the information to put together a firm price to give to the client.



Our Construction Facility in Deer Creek, Illinois is a 60,000 state-of-the-art sq ft facility. It has 16 separate build stations to ensure each component is built and inspected individually before it moves on to the next build station. All electrical, plumbing, insulation, windows and other components that are chosen are installed. It takes about 12-15 days from start to finish of each module. The modules go through a final inspection and are then wrapped in weather proof shrink wrap plastic to protect the entire module from the outside elements.



After construction is finished, we will transport each module of the building from our Construction Facility to the job site.

Homeway Commercial has our own transportation department. We have 30 transport carriers available to assure a safe and timely delivery of the modules to each job site. We take care of all transportation permits and escorts. We do not require deposits on our transport carriers and our transportation costs are included in our contract pricing.


Installation & Setting

We have our own set and finish crew and will employ experienced subcontractors when needed. Our crews have set over 3,000 modules in their history.


On-Site Supervision

Homeway Commercial will provide its own site superintendent if requested. He will supervise all on-site work as it relates to the modules of the building. This work includes the delivery, installation, assembly and the completion stages of construction. He can also provide, at the request of the client, coordination and technical assistance to the client or he assigns such as a general contractor and its subcontractors to assure quality performance on schedule. He will also provide, quality inspection, safety monitoring for all of Homeway Commercial's crews and subcontractors performing under our scope of work. This service brings a level of confidence that the job will be done right and on time.




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